About us

MAHARAJA came into existence with a simple concept — to help students get educated, by providing quality learning content within budget. In addition, we also help our enthusiastic distributors earn income and make a vibrant, better living. The MAHARAJA educational website offers Simple educational video contents 5th school to Class 12, under the CBSE and State boards. It's a double advantage. Expertly books run a revision of the entire syllabus of offered subjects. And, to enhance that, videos on every topic make a faster mental connect for the developing child.It's a team effort, too. Refer our facilities to your friends and colleagues, and you can easily join our community as a distributor. Every referral earns a reward, contributing a healthy and dynamic earning stream to each participant.Only the best-in-the-market teachers create our educational content. A thorough study of sector trends, years of experience and a fresh perspective on learning come together in the materials we offer. As per Education Ministry guidelines and updates, we continually revise our syllabus, leaving zero room for worry amongst our students and their parents.

Maharaja Offers

.A detailed selection of video content for every topic and sub-topic
.24x7 access to offline e-learning
.An expanding library of materials from 5th school to Class 12
.CBSE and State board syllabuses covered
.Complete one-year, unlimited access
.A chance to join the growing MAHARAJA community, spread education and earn well through our unique and generously planned direct selling model


MAHARAJA products are sold exclusively through MAHARAJA distributors. So, you don’t get to see them on other online stores or shops near you. Our products are exclusively bought from authorized distributors.

Not at all! Our tech-equipped video’s & hundreds of personalized tutorial videos at a reasonable rate.

MAHARAJA offers educational contents in both the online and offline modes for all levels,ranging from 5th school till Class 12.

Yes! All our educational content is designed keeping in mind the latest syllabus in consideration for both the CBSE and State boards.

The concept is very easy. You purchase our educational package. You are excited by the idea, love the facility and decide to share the advantage. That’s it. You can register right away as a distributor with us and connect near and dear ones to the MAHARAJA service for their needs. There is no middle-man involved, and the commission is shared with distributors upon sale of a package.

No! There are no hidden charges. The more you sell, the more you earn. You earn while you refer and sell directly, and even when someone you have referred makes a sale.

MAHARAJA pledges to make the business equally important at each level. Hence, all packages are mandatorily sold by distributors. You cannot directly register or directly buy from the company. To register or buy a package, you need to have a referral code, without which you cannot avail of the advantage.

Actually, nothing.You can decide when you sell or when you don’t. It’s as simple as that. When you sell, you earn, when you stop, you can still earn for a particular time. But the no-activity time finally catches up when you’re inactive, and you stop earning after a while.

The more you refer, the more you earn. There is no upper cap to this.

As soon as you start referring the item and selling it to others, you start earning. As soon as you start referring the item and selling it to others, you start earning. There is no wait period or delay in that process.

Maharaja Terms and Policies

All personal data provided to while using the Website will be handled in accordance with the Website Privacy Notice. If you register or log in as an Distributor, the Privacy Policy for Distributors applies in addition else as a customer the policies will be applied.All information provided on MAHARAJ Website application must be correct, complete, and up to date. If we have reason to believe that incorrect incomplete or outdated information has been provided, access to the MAHARAJA Website Application may be limited or blocked. If you intend to update any information please contact customer support.